A journey into Australia’s red heartland

The Light Collective is a group of Australian-based fine-art landscape photographers.

This book is the first in their RGB (Red, Green, Blue) series — red for the desert, green for the richly forested and mountainous areas of our landscape and blue for the vast coastline the surrounds it all.

This book has four talented, awarded and dedicated landscape photographers — Adam Williams, Luke Austin, Ignacio Palacios and Paul Hoelen — head off on an adventure into the Australian interior in two 4WDs.

Although they were driving into the desert they were on occasions stuck in deep mud.

They charter two small planes and spend two days photographing the uniquely beautiful Kati Thanda — known still as Lake Eyre — from the air. To watch a video of the adventure, visit https://vimeo.com/181141679.

Stunning. Glorious. Abstract. Painterly. Mystical. Patterned. Beautiful.  This is a superb collection of photographs of a landscape few will ever see and even fewer will see from above.

The following is an artists’ statement by Adam Williams, Luke Austin, Ignacio Palacios, Paul Hoelen.

“There is no easy way to describe what it is like to be present in a geological feature so vast and all encompassing that when you stand in the middle of it the horizon simply blends into the sky no matter which direction you turn.

“Seemingly immeasurable in scope, this ancient lake literally sinks into the heart of the land well below the level of the sea and holds tenure to being the deepest land point in Australia.

“The sun bakes its clay surface and shallow waters with such a fierce intensity that the resultant cycle of evaporation forms layer upon layer of salted crusts.  Such a harsh environment can appear largely devoid of life, yet on occasion it can be transformed by dramatic local weather events, or by heavy monsoonal rains that travel for months down into the drainage basin that is Lake Eyre, even from as far away as South-East Queensland.

“Water begins to fill the shallow bays and arid inlets. Life blooms where cracked earth once stood.  Richly coloured algae flourish, fresh vegetation bursts forth and vast flocks of migratory birds arrive from the world over to bathe in its uniqueness.

“We were lucky enough to experience one of these events ...”

Based on media release issued by The Light Collective (http://www.thelightcollective.com.au)

Above: Four talented, awarded and dedicated landscape photographers take to the air on their great adventure into the Australian interior.


Adam Williams, Luke Austin, Ignacio Palacios, Paul Hoelen, Kati Thanda — Lake Eyre: Impressions from the Air

The Light Collective | Hardback 128pp | $59.95