Murphy shares the pride of the Texan way of life

The Texas barbecue is a way of life. It’s a process of hot-smoking meat cooked low and slow to the point where the meat falls off the bone seamlessly after being marinated in a sweet tomato-like sauce — aka the Texan BBQ Sauce — or dry-rubbed with secret mixtures of dry seasonings, giving it flavours that you won’t ever forget.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Robert ‘Texas’ Murphy will share with you 80 authentic Texas-style barbecue recipes, some of which have been handed down from his cattle-ranching ancestors.

These tasty recipes will include sticky, luscious ribs, juicy steaks, tender brisket that will simply melt in your mouth, with a variety of side dishes to complete your meal.

For those that don’t know which meat is the best meat to use, there is a chapter outlining the different and ideal cuts of meat to use according to the different barbecue method. So no more tough chewy meat – make way for ‘melt-in the mouth’ sensations.

Not sure how to barbecue? Robert Murphy has it covered. With an explanatory chapter outlining different BBQ methods that can be used, from pits, to coals, to woods, to the quick and easy gas/electric barbecue. You need never be confused again, and you may even be inspired to branch out and try a different method.

In this authentic book Robert tells many insightful ‘camp fire’ stories of life growing up on a Texan cattle ranch. He shares childhood delights of riding goats, sheep, horses, and steers. Trips into the wilderness where he fished and hunted for food and where he first learned to cook in the outdoors.

Last year, Robert and his daughter Lynzey were stars of My Kitchen Rules.

Based on information supplied by New Holland.


Texan BBQ, by Robert Louis Murphy

New Holland | 208pp hard cover $45