More Scandal from Patina

Gerald Naef, owner and winemaker at Patina Wines, just off the Mitchell Highway between Orange and Lucknow, constantly pushes the envelope, looking for ways to build complexity, drinkability and flavour in his wines.

Two new vintage wines that reflect this philosophy include the 2014 Patina Scandalous Riesling ($25) and the NV Patina Rosé ($25).

The Patina Rosé style began life in 2008. Gerald co-fermented pinot noir and chardonnay in a bid to create a Patina sparkling wine. 

“The blend would have made a great wine,” explained Gerald. “However, my heart wasn’t in it. So, in 2013, I decided to change direction.  I blended it with the juice of the 2013 merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc to re-ferment with the plan to make a rosé.

“I was really pleased with the result and so have recreated it for this latest release. This is a 2014 and 2015 rosé comprising 38 per cent cabernet sauvignon and 4 per cent cabernet franc from 2014, and 27 per cent merlot, 22 per cent pinot noir and 9 per cent chardonnay from 2015.”

The red varieties all had minimal skin contact and the chardonnay was whole bunch pressed. The juice was clarified and fermented at cool temperatures until dry.

The new 2014 Patina Scandalous Riesling was also a style developed through Gerald’s constantly questioning winemaking.

“I love riesling and have a number of styles in the Patina portfolio,” he said. “It’s an exciting variety and Orange, with its intense sunshine, cool climate and soils, is a perfect region to grow it. I believe that this will become more evident over the next 10 years as vines continue to mature.”

The Patina 2014 Scandalous Riesling was picked with good natural acidity and fermented in stainless steel until the natural sugar and acid struck an enticing balance. The wine was then moved into the cool room to stop the fermentation and retain 18g/L residual sugar.

“Having retained sugar in wines in Australia is a bit of a scandal,” explained Gerald. “In Germany it’s universally accepted, however in Australian it is often seen as a ‘bit commercial’ and not overly serious. This is a serious wine with the retained sugar highlighting the varieties and region’s fruit.”


Based on media release issue by Patina.

Above: Gerald Naef ... "I love riesling and have a number of styles in the Patina portfolio."


Patina NV Rosé ($25) ... I like this wine. The palate is fruity but essentially dry and the bright pink colour will add flair to any festive table. We should be drinking more wines like this during our long warm/bot summer months. The Colour and flavours would well match some smoked salmon. — JR

Patina 2014 Scandalous Riesling ($25) ... I personally prefer my rieslings drier than this but many drinkers will adore the residual sweetness. A couple of years maturation has given the wine a deal of middle-palate sotness. Drink as an aperitif or with freshly cooked prawns. — JR