Mandy McElhinney returns to Belvoir as a very modern Cinderella*

It’s a fable that’s been told to young girls for generations. Every culture has a version and every little girl knows about the prince with the missing shoe. And while there are some paternalistic themes within the Cinderella story, it is ultimately about the transformative power of love.

This is the story of what happens when Ashley, a single Sydney woman in her 30s, flees in terror from a blind date to find herself with Ash, a slightly reclusive fellow who has found her missing shoe. It’s a story of mortification, dodgy Chinese food, loneliness, missed phone calls and a little bit of magic.

Mandy McElhinney is Ashley. Known to Belvoir audiences for her heartbreaking turn in Forget Me Not, McElhinney is also a gifted comic actor and joyous klutz. Matthew Whittet (The Book of Everything, Old Man) has created this play with director Anthea Williams (Forget Me Not, Old Man), and plays the mildly magical Ash with all the whimsy and ridiculousness he is known for. In the intimate confines of Belvoir’s Downstairs Theatre this thoroughly modern Cinderella will charm and delight audiences with its wit, warmth and candor.

Like the original, this is a story about how ugly ugly people can be, and how ugly beautiful people can be too. How love can be found in the strangest places. And of how in this world, perhaps your best chance is to be your own fairy godmother.

PS. When a man and a woman do fall in love, children may result, but they should not be brought to this particular show.

Mandy McElhinney. Images: Gary Heery.


Cindarella will play at Belvoir Street Theatre Downstairs, Surry Hills, Sydney, from 13 November to 7 December.

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Matthew Whittet.

*Based on media release issued by theatre.