Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped upon the Ocean Floor, by Finegan Kruckemeyer | Directed by Adam Mitchell

Griffin Theatre Company (http://www.griffintheatre.com.au) | Stables Theatre, Darlinghurst, Sydney | Season now finished

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped upon the Ocean Floor at the wonderfully intimate space of Griffin’s Stables Theatre in Sydney. The play is written by award winning Tasmanian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer and performed brilliantly by a talented trio of young thespians (Joe Morris, Renee Newman and Ben Mortley).

Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped upon the Ocean Floor is about love and time and the way they affect each other. The story is told through five intertwined tales of moments that could lead to everlasting love or equally to a missed opportunity. The tales are distinctly discernable as the actors lead us through seamless transitions between characters with a whimsical nod to costume changes and the versatile use of distinct accents.

The tales of love cover a diverse range of encounters:

— Two female colleagues in the confines of a Russian submarine during wartime

— A philosophical Parisian watchmaker and a fleeting glimpse of a passerby

— A new and brave but bumpy start after a great loss

— The unrequited love of an unknown admirer

— A couple of strong-hearted rough diamonds who finally see the true nature of each other

As each tale unfolds, like a choreographed dance moving from tale to tale, we see what could be in the collective of those unique moments. The tales are then subtly rewound and retold with the smallest of change leading down a new path, sometimes to everlasting love and sometimes to disappointment.

The brilliantly simple set, designed by India Mehta, was used imaginatively to create an almost unnoticeable change between the scenes of each tale — a watchmaker’s shopfront on a Parisian street, a submerged Russian submarine off the coast of America, the snow-covered Appalachian Mountains and a small Chinese restaurant in inner-city Australia.

This is a brilliant 75-minute production of heart-warming stories, love’s great possibilities, laughter, tears, and then more laughter.

All images: Mike Timmins