THEATRE: 14 APRIL 2018 | The Sound of Waiting ... Such powerful language. At the end of the play our entire row sat motionless, unwilling to break the spell that had been cast over us. MORE

THEATRE: 06 APRIL 2018 | The Children ... Ultimately says a great deal about the state of the planet at the moment and into the future. MORE

THEATRE: 01 APRIL 2018 | Diplomacy ... This is a solid show well worth the price of admission, especially to see two stellar performances. MORE

THEATRE: 31 MARCH 2018 | Going Down ... a quirky new Australian work, worth a look. MORE

THEATRE: 30 MARCH 2018 | The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui ... Brecht argues that fascism is a natural consequence of capitalism but, if counteracted early enough, the climb to dictatorship by any orator can be resisted. MORE

THEATRE: 25 MARCH 2018 | Master Class ... Most impressive are the arias sung at the end of the show by the three students. Bravo! MORE

THEATRE: 20 MARCH 2018 | The Wolves ... This is a thoughtful and never less than absorbing play. Thumbs up! MORE

THEATRE: 12 MARCH 2018 | Antony and Cleopatra ... The results are a richly and most subtlety layered performance which examines and updates insecurity, anxiety and authority throughout the ages. MORE

THEATRE: 04 MARCH 2018 | Kill Climate Deniers ... The cast is brilliant. Physically, they can handle anything. MORE

THEATRE: 04 MARCH 2018 | Black Is the New White ... A welcome and unusual view of an Aboriginal family — a family who have money, who are not oppressed but who are culturally quite strong. MORE

THEATRE: 04 MARCH 2018 | Top Girls ... From the moment the curtain rose on the dinner scene, I was transfixed by the talent on stage giving life to Churchill’s work. MORE

THEATRE: 04 MARCH 2018 | According to Otto ... This is no angst-ridden, hand-wringing story of a traumatic coming out. MORE

THEATRE: 25 FEBRUARY 2018 | Lethal Indifference ... There is no getting away from the fact that the subject matter of this tale is harrowing. However, we are in safe hands. MORE

THEATRE: 18 FEBRUARY 2018 | Mamma Mia ... I had a wonderful evening and I challenge anyone to remain in their seats during the curtain call and the full-company renditions of Dancing Queen and Eurovision winner, Waterloo. Go see! MORE

THEATRE: 15 FEBRUARY 2018 | Metamorphoses ... as compelling, for me, as Greek drama gets — bold performances that deliver a vast range of emotions, lust, guilt, rage and anguish. A visual feast! MORE

THEATRE: 27 JANUARY 2018 | Sorting Out Rachel ... The cast is exceptional and together they create an absorbing drama, beneath which is a clear subtext about the ever-evolving issue of Australian identity. MORE

THEATRE: 15 JANUARY 2018 | There Will Be a Climax ... The six charismatic performances make for a memorable — and utterly absurd — evening. MORE

THEATRE: 10 JANUARY 2018 | The View UpStairs announces final cast members. MORE

THEATRE: 10 JANUARY 2018 | New production of The Time Machine travels to Sydney in 2018. MORE

THEATRE: 20 DECEMBER 2017 | The Servant of Two Masters ... This is a production that looks good and moves fast. Thumbs up! MORE

THEATRE: 14 DECEMBER 2017 | Measure for Measure ... What a timely choice of play to celebrate the recent marriage equality laws. Worth a look! MORE

THEATRE: 3 DECEMBER 2017 | Virgins and Cowboys ... This show may alienate some because of style/subject but I certainly think it is worth a look. MORE

THEATRE: 2 DECEMBER 2017 | Taking Steps ... It is all highly exaggerated and improbable, physical humour abounds, characters are absurd and performances stylised. MORE

THEATRE: 25 NOVEMBER 2017 | High Fidelity ... I am off to track down my copy of the novel. MORE

THEATRE: 20 NOVEMBER 2017 | Muriel's Wedding: The Musical ... Go. Dance. Have the time of your life. MORE

THEATRE: 7 NOVEMBER 2017 | Merciless Gods ... This show could easily offend many, but whilst it confronts the end result is totally compelling theatre that positions its audience to be empathetic. MORE

THEATRE: 7 NOVEMBER 2017 | The Wharf Revue 2017: The Patriotic Rag ... A part of me felt a little flat, and it could have been precisely because it was so professional, so slick, so polished. MORE

THEATRE: 7 NOVEMBER 2017 | Bloody Murder ... The cast are generally up to the task and keep the pace moving. MORE

THEATRE: 23 OCTOBER 2017 | Kitchen Sink ... This is a play for actors and this excellent cast and crew deliver a production that looks good and moves fast. MORE

THEATRE: 9 OCTOBER 2017 | Birdland ... despite the compositional flaws the production values, cast and crew make this a most worthwhile visit to the theatre. MORE

THEATRE: 18 SEPTEMBER 2017 | Dinner ... This is a play of operatic proportions that journeys into obsessive infatuation resulting in the devastating agony of rejection. MORE

THEATRE: 18 SEPTEMBER 2017 | Diving for Pearls ... Darren Yap’s direction flawlessly delivers this important play, which wrestles with the needs of the individual weighed against the collective good. MORE

THEATRE: 27 AUGUST 2017 | The Father ... Under skilful direction John Bell and troupe show us acting at its very best. MORE

THEATRE: 27 AUGUST 2017 | Lip Service ... In John Misto's hands, the Helena Rubinstein story provides some seriously compelling entertainment. MORE

THEATRE: 23 AUGUST 2017 | 4:48 Psychosis ... Dramatizes a tragic and tortured inner life and lays bare Sarah Kane’s vital and tragic story. MORE

THEATRE: 23 AUGUST 2017 | HIR ... Nothing is sacred here — the military machine, drug addiction, safe spaces — all are skewered with equal savagery. MORE

THEATRE: 9 AUGUST 2017 | Velvet ... But apart from all this awesomeness, there is one final reason why you must see this show, particularly if you are of the disco generation: Stayin’ Alive. Wow. MORE

THEATRE: 5 AUGUST 2017 | Dry Land ... This is a thought-provoking, absorbing play. MORE

THEATRE: 27 JULY 2017 | Rice ... Left The Guest and I breathless with its scope and complexity. MORE

THEATRE: 24 JULY 2017 | Under the Covers ... The boys have a lot of fun singing TV tunes, bantering and dancing the night away. MORE

THEATRE: 21 JULY 2017 | This Much Is True ... This is theatre at it is very best. Thumbs up! MORE

THEATRE: 17 JULY 2017 | Mauritius ... Where the first act was a single-noted hum, the second act was a song. MORE

THEATRE: 10 JULY 2017 | Little Borders ... invites the audience to acknowledge and even embrace their own insecurities. MORE

THEATRE: 10 JULY 2017 | Cloud Nine ... decades later its message still signals hope for the human spirit to transcend the restrictions of time and place. MORE

THEATRE: 30 JUNE 2017 | 1984 ... The play remains at least as relevant today as it was when penned by Orwell in 1949. MORE

THEATRE: 22 JUNE 2017 | Cyrano de Bergerac ... Performed with such passion and enthusiasm by this talented group, the characters and scenarios appear fresh and new. MORE

THEATRE: 19 JUNE 2017 | Sunset Strip ... Miller is a talented playwright and she is not afraid to meditate on the important issues. MORE

THEATRE: 18 JUNE 2017 | I Love You Now ... Cronin’s and Gleeson’s talents are undeniable. MORE

THEATRE: 24 MAY 2017 | The Ham Funeral ... I came out tipsy on thoughts of the meaning of life and high on the energy of some great performances. MORE

THEATRE: 24 MAY 2017 | Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play ... Certainly worth a look, especially if you are a fan of dystopian fiction, The Simpsons, or both. MORE

THEATRE: 17 MAY 2017 | Educating Rita ... A great space, fabulous play, and fine performance. MORE

THEATRE: 02 MAY 2017 | The Chapel Perilous ... an intuitive and talented ensemble ensures its relevance. MORE

THEATRE: 11 APRIL 2017 | The Rasputin Affair ... The Guest and I were gobsmacked at how finely tuned the dialogue, prop business and blocking were for an opening night. MORE

THEATRE: 11 APRIL 2017 | Talk ... Yes, Talk is funny. But it’s also dense with myriad aspects of a meaty subject area. MORE

THEATRE: 22 MARCH 2017 | Crimes of the Heart ... As we walked back to the train station, I wished I could have spent more time with them, so much had they grown on me. MORE

CIRCUS ARTS: 22 MARCH 2017 | Circus Oz’s Model Citizens on tour in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. MORE

THEATRE: 09 MARCH 2017 | Are We Awake ... a heartfelt and very personal drama about the trauma of disability and dependence. MORE

THEATRE: 08 MARCH 2017 | Mark Colvin's Kidney ... It doesn’t make for a spine-tingling, electric couple of hours in the theatre, but it was interesting to watch the real-life drama unfold. MORE

THEATRE: 26 FEBRUARY 2017 | Away ... I saw this play 30 years ago in the same venue. It remains an intense narrative. MORE

THEATRE: 16 FEBRUARY 2017 | Making Love ... a fine job of investigating a brave new world. MORE

THEATRE: 14 FEBRUARY 2017 | The Little Dog Laughed ... Absolutely scintillating theatre. MORE

THEATRE: 27 JANUARY 2017 | Odd Man Out ... Williamson turns to social psychology. MORE

THEATRE: 24 JANUARY 2017 | STC brings Chimerica, an epic geopolitical thriller, to the stage. MORE

THEATRE: 22 JANUARY 2017 | Go Your Own Way: The Story of Christine McVie ... This is a mighty fine show and thoroughly deserves your attendance, especially if you grew up in the 70s. MORE

THEATRE: 20 JANUARY 2017 | Relatively Speaking ... A hugely fun show with magnificently professional cast. MORE

THEATRE: 13 JANUARY 2017 | Nosferatutu ... Delicious. Unexpected. Divine. MORE

THEATRE: 10 JANUARY 2017 | Ladies in Black ... The music and songs are excellent, as they should be given the input of Tim Finn. MORE

THEATRE: 09 JANUARY 2017 | Prize Fighter ... theatre that demands attention right from when the audience files ringside. MORE

THEATRE: 05 DECEMBER 2016 | Lighten Up ... Overall, appalling groanworthy puns aside? Definitely a thumbs up. MORE

THEATRE: 05 DECEMBER 2016 | Relatively Speaking ... A hugely fun show with magnificently professional cast. MORE

THEATRE: 04 DECEMBER 2016 | Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ... Albee’s play continues to jab at the blurring and redefining of the lines between illusion and reality. MORE

THEATRE: 22 NOVEMBER 2016 | Summer Rain ... an unashamedly Australian bush musical from the pen of the late, great local playwright Nick Enright. MORE

THEATRE: 18 NOVEMBER 2016 | The Shadow Box ... a provocative insight into where we’re all heading. MORE

THEATRE: 17 NOVEMBER 2016 | Speed-the-Plow ... a relic of a bygone era and thus worth seeing for its historical significance. MORE

THEATRE: 07 NOVEMBER 2016 | My Father's Left Testicle ... this deeply subversive play delves where few productions have the courage to go. MORE

THEATRE: 06 NOVEMBER 2016 | A Flea in Her Ear ... was written primarily to amuse and amuse it does. MORE

THEATRE: 31 OCTOBER 2016 | Othello ... Michael Hawkins’ set is a perfect canvas for Peter Evans’ direction, and expresses the light/dark dichotomy explored in the play beautifully. MORE

THEATRE: 23 OCTOBER 2016 | The Turquoise Elephant ... dark, humorous writing, directed superbly by Gale Edwards, and acted wonderfully. MORE

THEATRE: 23 OCTOBER 2016 | e-baby ... the two women do encounter plenty of speed humps on their journey. MORE

THEATRE: 23 OCTOBER 2016 | The Days Are as Grass ... offers a mix of humour and drama with a number of touching and inspirational nuggets. MORE

THEATRE: 23 OCTOBER 2016 | The Wharf Review 2016: Back to Bite You ... the evidence of this performance suggests that there’s plenty of life in the old dog. MORE

THEATRE: 18 OCTOBER 2016 | Title and Deed ... It’s less that he is delivering a monologue than having a conversation with each and every audience member. MORE

THEATRE: 16 OCTOBER 2016 | The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant ... This is a play of operatic proportions that journeys into obsessive infatuation resulting in the devastating agony of rejection. MORE

THEATRE: 10 OCTOBER 2016 | Do Something Else ... no matter how fine the individual performances, the show was simply a series of interesting but empty moments. MORE

THEATRE: 10 OCTOBER 2016 | The Bodyguard destined for Australia. MORE

THEATRE: 09 OCTOBER 2016 | Cymbeline ... takes a weighty historical play and makes it enjoyably accessible for a modern Australian audience. MORE

THEATRE: 09 OCTOBER 2016 | Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical ... a fine musical, well worth riding the Light Rail to Sydney’s Star City to see. MORE

THEATRE: 09 OCTOBER 2016 | Marat/Sade ... I’ll just urge you to go see it. It rates among the best theatre I’ve seen. Very much thumbs up. MORE

THEATRE: 21 SEPTEMBER 2016 | A Midsummer Night's Dream ... for me this production is invigorating and exhilarating, and all future productions will pale by comparison. MORE

THEATRE: 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 | The Giant Worm Show! ... I’m so very glad Rowston unearthed it. MORE

THEATRE: 06 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Barefoot in the Park ... Alicia Clements’ set design is worth the price of admission alone. MORE

THEATRE: 06 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Tragédie ... a brave and deceptively complex production. MORE

THEATRE: 19 AUGUST 2016 | Never Did Me Any Harm ... check it out, whether you’re a parent or not. MORE

THEATRE: 15 AUGUST 2016 | House of Games ... an Australian production of an American film script with an English theatre script. MORE

THEATRE: 12 AUGUST 2016 | The Post-Haste Histories ... a fun night with actors and audience (and crew) going along with the spirit of fun and adventure. MORE

THEATRE: 07 AUGUST 2016 | Broken ... takes my attention from the instant it begins and holds it until the final applause. MORE

THEATRE: 07 AUGUST 2016 | Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped upon the Ocean Floor ... a brilliant 75-minute production of heart-warming stories. MORE

THEATRE: 03 AUGUST 2016 | The Hanging ... exploring the Australian gothic motif of lost children and loss of innocence. MORE

THEATRE: 03 AUGUST 2016 | STC appoints Kip Williams as Interim Artistic Director. MORE

REVIEW: 02 AUGUST 2016 | Twelfth Night or What You Will ... at once captures the original essence of this play in its entirety, while rooting it firmly within our contemporary sensibility. MORE

REVIEW: 29 JULY 2016 | The Hansard Monologues: The Age of Entitlement ... something that all Australians should see as part of their political education. MORE

REVIEW: 24 JULY 2016 | Betrayal ... really is worth seeing, even down to the scene changes. MORE

REVIEW: 21 JULY 2016 | Cristina in the Cupboard | What a fine young actor Emily McGowan shows herself to be in this extremely difficult role. MORE

NEWS: 21 JULY 2016 | STC and Williams explore Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. MORE

REVIEW: Othello ... As with most Shakespearean works, the themes and ideas have relevance regardless of place and time. MORE

REVIEW: Low Level Panic ... this is an important work, well worth seeing and pondering. MORE

REVIEW: A History of Falling Things ... a welcome, quirky tale that investigates, in depth, the times that we live in. MORE

REVIEW: Singin' in the Rain ... a stunning show that demonstrates just how good a classical musical can be. MORE

REVIEW: Hurt ... If you get the chance, climb those black stairs and see this. MORE

REVIEW: All My Sons ... Dated somewhat in tone and language, the prevalence of greed in the world today keeps this work relevant. MORE

REVIEW: Bad Jews ... is good Jews. MORE

REVIEW: Howie the Rookie ... This is not the lyrical Dublin of James Joyce, but O’Rowe’s dialogue is just as vivid and visceral. MORE

REVIEW: As We Forgive ... his words invented a world you could certainly inhabit in your mind’s eye. MORE

REVIEW: Blonde Poison ... Belinda Giblin physically fits the role perfectly. MORE

REVIEW: Belleville ... Art imitates life. Once again Red Line Productions nails it. Don’t miss it. MORE

REVIEW: Good People ... There are no weak links in this outstanding cast. MORE

REVIEW: Lake Disappointment ... an extraordinarily layered and complex performance. MORE

REVIEW: Hay Fever ... A masterful production of Noel Coward's masterpiece. MORE

REVIEW: Packed Lunch ... What a fun night out! MORE

REVIEW: Replay ... As an audience we are very much positioned to rely on intuition. MORE

REVIEW: Savages ... Despite its grim premise has a strong suspenseful, humorous and humane undercurrent. MORE

REVIEW: Charles III ... Worth your time and will leave you wondering about your position in the debate. MORE

REVIEW: That Eye, the Sky ... An energetic ensemble cast worked well together on a physically demanding production. MORE

REVIEW: I Did It My Way — in Yiddish — Deb Filler is a one-off well worth catching whenever she’s visiting. MORE

REVIEW: Swansong ... de Vanny is a genuine talent — a young actor with a huge future on the stage. MORE

REVIEW: Golem ... Is this possibly the future face of the theatre? A must see! Thumbs up! MORE

PREVIEW: Deb Filler is back with fantastic stories to tell! MORE

REVIEW: Machu Picchu ... success really rests squarely with Gilshenan and McCune. MORE

REVIEW: All My Love ... audience left in tears by Lawson and Gilmore's secret love story. MORE

REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet ... this play is, of course, a commentary on parenting and all the pitfalls therein. MORE

REVIEW: The Ritz ... chock full of snappy one liners, wonderful characters and timeless slapstick. MORE

REVIEW: The Blind Giant Is Dancing ... provides twist upon twist to a cleverly conceived plot. MORE

REVIEW: Arcadia ... do go and see this theatrical gem in the flesh. MORE

REVIEW: The Pride ... has me from the opening dialogue. MORE

REVIEW: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Reimagined ... potentially a highly entertaining palette of wit, tragedy, philosophy and modern quips. MORE

REVIEW: The Secret River ... An epic story that transcends theatre. I urge you to go and see it. MORE

REVIEW: Jack of Hearts ... hearty congratulations David on a very fine achievement in notching up a half century. MORE

REVIEW: The Whale ... an uncomfortable performance to watch but it is also multi-faceted and totally captivating. MORE

PREVIEW: The lost love story of Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmore told at Glen Street Theatre. MORE

NEWS: Blanchett and Roxburgh to take STC's The Present to Broadway. MORE

REVIEW: The Tribe ... Shamma charms us with his recollections, charismatically and compassionately sharing events. MORE

REVIEW: The Good Doctor ... the end of an era for Sydney theatre. MORE

REVIEW: The Golden Age ... not an easy play to watch but it is totally absorbing and a most important work. MORE REVIEW: Thomas Murray and the Upside Down River ... a serious-minded and ambitious saga, intelligently and strikingly crafted. MORE

REVIEW: Jasper Jones ... distilling the essence and concerns of the lengthy novel into a manageable theatrical experience. MORE CIRCUS REVIEW: Slapstick and mishaps belie the strength, grace, control of Circus Oz's latest production. MORE

NEWS: Big-hearted and fiercely funny The Whale makes its Australian premiere at the Old Fitz for Mardi Gras. MORE NEWS: Critically acclaimed The Pride to premiere in Sydney. MORE

REVIEW: The Sound of Music ... If you do only see one musical over the next 12 months or so, this would be a fine one to select. MORE REVIEW: Dropped ... It sounds grim but it is a most rewarding theatrical experience. MORE

REVIEW: A Riff on Keef: The Human Myth ... a thoroughly delightful and stimulating aural and visual experience. MORE REVIEW: Violet ... has a dimension that lifts if from a simple musical to one that touches both the intellect and the emotional. MORE

REVIEW: King Lear ... Steering away from majestic pomp, this is indeed Lear stripped bare. MORE REVIEW: Good Works ... the six-person cast holds the line magnificently, never wavering in the telling of this complex, intricate story. MORE

REVIEW: Orlando ... Within a few minutes of curtain up I knew that we the audience – and Woolfe – were in good hands. MORE REVIEW: West Side Story ... This is quality musical theatre. Well done Chatswood Musical Society. MORE

REVIEW: Mortido ... as with much modern crime writing, there’s real flesh and complexity to the tale. MORE REVIEW: Blood Bank ... provides a refreshing and exciting change of style for The Ensemble. MORE

REVIEW: A Rabbit for Kim Jong-Il ... an “odd but interesting” play. MORE REVIEW: My Zinc Bed ... The Ensemble is a perfect venue for the intimate nature of this work. MORE

REVIEW: The Real Thing ... Where Dylan Thomas wrote linguistic symphonies, Stoppard writes a linguistic Bohemian Rhapsody. MORE REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty ... It certainly is a visual feast, and the company seemed to comprise consummate professionals. MORE

REVIEW: Dumy Moyi ... a fast-forward compilation of a much greater theme. MORE REVIEW: A Steady Rain ... When the lights went out, the silence was deafening. MORE

REVIEW: Arms and the Man ... This fabulously professional cast is tight and energetic, and shares impeccable timing. MORE REVIEW: Slut ... a mixture of uncomfortably spot-on observances and underdeveloped ideas. MORE

REVIEW: Britannia Rules the Waves ... Apart from the setting, it’s not an especially new idea — yet it works. MORE REVIEW: 6 Degrees of Ned Kelly ... As a bonus, I have now established where my next holiday is going to be. MORE

REVIEW: Death and the Maiden ... after 25 years has lost none of its resonance. MORE REVIEW: La Traviata ... an ambitious and well intentioned production. MORE

REVIEW: Mothers and Sons ... An eloquent exploration of the guilt, grief, rage and resentment that comes with loss. MORE REVIEW: The Tempest ... In his last tilt at directing for Bell Shakespeare, Bell puts the emphasis on spectacle, movement and fun. MORE

REVIEW: The Women ... amid all the frivolity of consumerism, gossip and social-climbing there remains a society defined by men. MORE REVIEW: Seventeen ... There was so much potential for this ... with this cast, but unfortunately the opportunity was missed. MORE

REVIEW: not just an outstandingly impressive collaborative work of art, but also a vehicle for radical change. A must see! MORE REVIEW: Metafour ... These four pieces showcase Beckett’s theatrical genius to maximum effect. MORE

REVIEW: Detroit ... This production is first-rate — physically resourceful, satirical and very funny. MORE REVIEW: Hamlet ... Modern costumes, devices and setting in no way detract from Shakespeare’s most famous play. MORE

REVIEW: Ladies in Lavender ... The great thing about the Ensemble Theatre is that you know you’re in safe hands. MORE REVIEW: The Dapto Chaser ... explores the cycle of intergenerational poverty and how our society seems to be geared to maintain it. MORE

REVIEW: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) ... Get thee to the Genesian. MORE REVIEW: This might be funny, light-hearted stuff, but it is also clever, poignant and sharp. MORE

MUSICALS: Reception: The Musical ... It’s not surprising that it’s funny, because it’s true. I recognised it all. MORE CABARET: Hair to the Throne ... provides an onslaught of bad puns, cheap jokes, novelty songs and plenty of audience participation. MORE

REVIEW: Mother Courage and Her Children ... Everyone seemed to want to get out of the theatre, including the actors. MORE REVIEW: The Diary of Anne Frank ... It is an important story to tell and New Theatre tell it well. MORE

REVIEW: The Battle of Waterloo ... This is theatre that will make you stop and reflect. MORE REVIEW: Venus in Fur ... Grace Barnes’ competent direction steers these admirable performances. MORE

REVIEW: Educating Rita ... there really are no surprises in this tale — and that’s perfectly okay. MORE REVIEW: The House on the Lake ... If you only see one thing this year make it this. MORE

REVIEW: Shoehorn Sonata ... Bates and Bayly are a skilful partnership and capture the unique relationship that is at the heart of this drama. MORE REVIEW: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll ... memories flood back, but Catherine Miller is left a little disappointed. MORE

REVIEW: The Three Muskateers ... overall a fun night out and great entertainment. MORE REVIEW: Samson ... Lewis’s naturalistic dialogue is well crafted and expertly delivered by this excellent cast. MORE

REVIEW: The House of Ramon Iglesia ... Nicholas Papademetriou is especially good as the husband — old-fashioned, emotional and ineffectual. MORE REVIEW: The Wizard of Oz ... an extraordinary journey of devised theatre, but definitely not for children. MORE

REVIEW: Fly Away Peter ... There is no glorification or romanticising of war here. Instead there is a palpable feeling of loss. MORE REVIEW: The School for Scandal ... David Burrowes makes an impressive attempt to create a fresh, stylised and pertinent production. MORE

REVIEW: Chainmale ... this audit probably needed an independent body to step in and sort through the excavation site. MORE REVIEW: Orphans ... enough unpredictability and emotional appeal to transition the decades and deliver thoughtful theatre. MORE

REVIEW: This strange journey remains as much fun as it was in 1974, and this current version still manages to push the boundaries. MORE REVIEW: The Anzac Project ... This is compelling viewing. A must see. Thumbs up! MORE

REVIEW: Songs in the Key of Black ... Maunder has a fabulous voice ... defined, clear and impeccable in delivery. MORE REVIEW: Les Misérables ... This latest version is exceptional. I didn’t get to the end without sobbing. MORE

REVIEW: Jumpy ... at its core this is a feminist drama that attempts much and has a great deal to say. MORE REVIEW: When the Rain Stops Falling ... the final music was perfect, haunting me out into the foyer where I couldn’t speak for several minutes. MORE

REVIEW: Elecktra/Orestes ... an examination of the psychological states of a family fragmented by misery, fury and guilt. MORE REVIEW: Freak Winds ... I have a feeling that Alfred Hitchcock, that absolute master of suspense, would approve deeply. MORE

REVIEW: Caress/Ache ... has huge potential to be integrated into the senior school curriculum, so rich is it in all sorts of content. MORE REVIEW: The Red Dress ... a sedate and wistful look at the elegance of China’s folk culture. MORE

REVIEW: As You Like It ... this current Bell Shakespeare production holds few surprises, but it’s a fun start to the 2015 season. MORE REVIEW: Blue Alien ... Coyle is a compelling fusion of energy, charm, versatility and humour. MORE

REVIEW: Mother Clap's Molly House ... rousing ensemble musical numbers, wonderfully exuberant characterisations, moments of hilarity. MORE REVIEW: Kill the Messenger ... a powerful piece of writing offering both the personal and political urban Indigenous experience. MORE

REVIEW: Peace Train ... Toni Carroll ends up whooping and stomping almost as fervently as the rest of the crowd. MORE REVIEW: Yasukichi Murakami: Through a Distant Lens ... assembles a chorus of ghosts who people the proceedings with an eerie but benign presence. MORE

REVIEW: Cock ... The three actors at the points of the love triangle take the dialogue and run with it, giving it great timing and depth. MORE REVIEW: Dream Home ... entertaining but void of any larger social or political message. MORE

THE TOPS: Oz Baby Boomers regular theatre reviewers choose their best shows for 2014. MORE REVIEW: Absent Friends ... successfully walks the fine line between genuine drama and farcical humour-laden caricature. MORE

REVIEW: Dirty Dancing ... Geraldine Worthington finds a great deal of energy and talent on stage ... and has a good time. MORE REVIEW: Sweeney Todd ... an ambitious project for New Theatre and a sharp note on which to end a most impressive year of theatre. MORE

REVIEW: Cyrano de Bergerac ... a fine finale to another outstanding year for Sydney Theatre Company. MORE REVIEW: Emerald City ... tense satirical drama with lashings of very funny lines, from a mature writer at the height of his powers. MORE

REVIEW: A Christmas Carol ... Geraldine Worthington reckons the afterglow of this timely theatrical production will see her nicely through the silly season. MORE REVIEW: Switzerland ... a rare production whose shadows remain in your peripheral vision well after the house lights have come up. MORE

REVIEW: The 2014 Wharf Review: Open for Business ... splendidly satirical and sophisticated. MORE NEWS: Mandy McElhinney returns to Belvoir as a very modern Cinderella. MORE

REVIEW: Harvest ... There is so much to admire in this ambitious production and the dedication of the cast and crew is to be applauded. MORE NEWS: STC 2015 tix go public. The priority booking period for existing subscribers has now ended. MORE

REVIEW: The Glass Menagerie ...has been added to a very short list of best plays I have seen this year. It really is that good. MORE REVIEW: The Motherf**ker with the Hat ... loud and brash and generously sprinkled with foul language, violence and drug use, but it’s fun. MORE

REVIEW: Through These Lines ... a poignant piece of drama, with lashings of humour, romance, desperate sadness, heroics and frustration. MORE REVIEW: The Witches ... Kidnap your grandkids and head to the Stables Theatre in Darlinghurst. MORE

REVIEW: The Last Confession ... a wonderful whodunit of which Christie herself would have been proud. MORE REVIEW: Wicked ... a spectacular production, slick and extravagant and hugely entertaining. MORE

REVIEWS: The Dream is for real, really good theatre. MORE REVIEW: Charitable Intentions ... such an unpleasant bully that I found it difficult to include her in my hearty applause at the end of the performance. MORE

REVIEW: Kryptonite ... both actors are superb throughout 90 uninterrupted minutes of intense, challenging performance. MORE REVIEW: Children of the Sun ... humorous, but the dark undercurrent of revolt cannot be held back. MORE

REVIEW: Lovebites ... a lovely piece of theatre that will, I’m sure, take anyone and everyone back to some point in their love life. MORE REVIEW: Other Desert Cities ... if I had to single anyone out it would be Ken Shorter. MORE

REVIEW: A Conversation ... shows exactly how masterful Williamson can be in getting under characters’ skins. MORE REVIEW: Waking Up Dead ... betrayal unravelled in charcoal. MORE

REVIEW: Toward the Crimson Sky ... at least as much about spectacle, precision and athleticism as it is about the virtuosity of the sound. MORE REVIEW: Unholy Ghosts ... an uplifting experience that gives a sense of coming to terms with the new world order that is life after parents. MORE

REVIEW: The God of Hell ... a commentary on the isolation and ignorance of many American voters. MORE REVIEW: Oedipus Rex ... likely to divide audiences, but unlikely to cause indifference. MORE

REVIEW: Wolf Lullaby ... Bell is an intelligent writer and the suspense she creates has been carefully crafted. MORE REVIEW: The Removalists ... a convincing version of a classic piece of Australian theatre. MORE

REVIEW: Dark Stranger ... John Misto has cleverly blurred the line between fact and fiction, and much of his writing is scintillating. MORE REVIEW: Constellations ... what evolves on stage is a brilliant and charming exploration of relationships and different paths that can be taken. MORE

REVIEW: Nora ... challenges us to consider what matters in our lives, how we want to spend our days on this planet. MORE ACTING: What a loss to humanity. The late Robin Williams, as drawn by Manchester-based Nick Hamilton, a very talented young man indeed. MORE

NEWS: Sandra Bates steps aside after 30 years at the helm of Sydney's Ensemble Theatre. MORE OPERA: Opera Australia warms up Melbourne for 2015. MORE

REVIEW: Food ... the after-show buzz was definitely that women got the most out of it, especially if they had a sister. MORE REVIEW: Mr Kolpert ... does raise some serious questions that we are left to ponder. MORE

REVIEW: Tartuffe ... still very, very funny, relevant, darkly satirical and controversial. MORE BURLESQUE: Burlesque Idol ... a riotous and sexy parody of competitive singing television programs. MORE

REVIEW: A View of Concrete ... an effective commentary on racism, violence and narcissism. MORE NEWS: Significant historic sites on itinerary for World War I play. MORE

BURLESQUE: Noir Revue ... all class. The art of tease at its very best. MORE REVIEW: The Effect ... suspenseful, questioning drama at its provocative best. MORE

REVIEW: Book of Days ... exceptional direction compensates for plot holes and focuses instead on the play's rich social commentary. MORE REVIEW: Hedda Gabler ... a slick production offers little insight into Ibsen’s iconic central character. MORE

REVIEW: Every Second ... at times funny, at times frustrating, rarely dull. MORE REVIEW: Richard III ... an engaging and timely mix of political skullduggery. MORE

REVIEW: M.Rock ... an utterly enchanting, heart-warming, feel-good entertainment. MORE REVIEW: Brad Checked In ... scintillating stuff — witty and laugh-out-loud at times, yet desperately poignant. MORE

REVIEW: Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them ... a classic farce full of hilariously funny moments but juxtaposed with jeopardy. MORE REVIEW: Mojo ... a pretty good entertainment that delivers good value for the bucks spent. MORE

REVIEW: Brothers Wreck ... Alberts’ tightly woven narrative provides taut dramatic tension throughout, without ever seeming overly staged. MORE REVIEW: Go Your Own Way: The Story of Christine McVie ... channelling the spirit and voice of a '70s icon. MORE

NEWS: A a true woman of the theatre and a consummate professional wins Balnaves Award. MORE REVIEW: The Young Tycoons ... The only thing driving this show is the story, which has already been told many times in the tabloid press. MORE

REVIEW: Cain and Abel ... Moments of dark humour were a welcome if occasionally baffling relief. MORE BURLESQUE: The Empire Strips Back ... Not a show I would recommend to an aficionado of Burlesque but Star Wars fans should enjoy this sexy space ride. MORE

REVIEW: Trainspotting ... This is confronting, provocative theatre at its best. MORE REVIEW: Thom Pain (based on nothing) ... an unfortunately very short season of thought-provoking theatre at the charming Old Fitzroy Hotel. MORE

REVIEW: Cruise Control ... David Williamson delivers another work that extends well beyond a plethora of wit and great one-liners. MORE REVIEW: 20 Questions ... A novel theatrical experience celebrates the inter-connectivity of performance art. MORE

REVIEW: His Mother's Voice ... offers optimism, generosity, humanity and a unique perspective on passion, politics and parenthood. MORE REVIEW: Pinocchio ... It’s a long time since I’ve walked out of a theatre singing a song and wanting to march straight back in and see it all again. MORE

REVIEW: Music ... the epitome of a labour of love, and worth the wait. MORE REVIEW: Stitching ... This is a convoluted and sordid journey that we witness. MORE

REVIEW: Clybourne Park ... Never have I heard the c-word spat out on stage with such sincere venom. MORE REVIEW: Ganesh Versus the Third Reich ... This is a play you should certainly try to catch. MORE

REVIEW: The Winter's Tale ... Director John Bell takes few risks, opting for a traditional and measured production. MORE REVIEW: Heaven Help Us! ... a familiar plot sadly offers no new perspective. MORE

REVIEW: Falsettos ...Director Stephen Colyer obviously has a great fondness for this production and has selected an ensemble of outstanding performers to do it justice. MORE REVIEW: Stop Kiss ... offers a precise but understated observation of its characters in rich and compassionate detail. MORE

REVIEW: The Long Way Home ... a verbatim-style insight into the world of the returned soldier. MORE REVIEW: Fully Committed ... more than a vehicle for Nick Curnow to show off his undoubted acting skills and masterly control of vocal twists. MORE

REVIEW: Once in Royal David's City ... This is Gow’s first play in seven years and it is superbly crafted. MORE REVIEW: Proof ... a beautifully crafted drama with deft touches of humour. MORE

REVIEW: Travelling North ... gently elicits the play’s universal themes: renewal, growth and moving on. MORE

REVIEW: Cranked Up ... a memorable night of seemingly limitless talent, raw physical courage and good humour. MORE

NEWS: Cabaret the latest jewel in Short+Sweet crown. MORE

NEWS: 2013 Sydney Theatre Awards nominations announced. MORE

REVIEW: Coranderrk ... a touching and important piece of theatre — and a reminder that things needn’t be the way they are. MORE

NEWS: Playwright and actor Ian Meadows has won the 2013 NSW Philip Parsons Fellowship for Emerging Playwrights. MORE

REVIEW: Machinal ... a powerful, poetic and theatrical experience. A must see. MORE

REVIEW: Waiting for Godot ... Rocky start but well worth waiting for. MORE

REVIEW: Vere (Faith) ... a touching reminder of our humanity. MORE

REVIEW: Hamlet ... on a steamy Sydney spring night, those shivers kept coming. MORE

REVIEW: Rooted ... a delight to revisit this funny and bleak take on life with a 21st-century perspective. MORE

REVIEW: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ... big and brassy, high quality and lots of fun. MORE

REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet ... to miss this would indeed be a tragedy. MORE

REVIEW: Super Discount ... a precise but understated observation of its characters in rich and compassionate detail. MORE

REVIEW: Return to Earth ... Katz’s writing is adroit and inventive and theatrically crafted. MORE

REVIEW: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead ... all I can do is write from the heart and attempt to express just how bloody good this version is. MORE

REVIEW: Persona ... silence can be an immensely powerful thing. MORE

REVIEW: The Glass Menagerie ... This talented cast skilfully tells a story rightly regarded as a classic. MORE

REVIEW: Angels in America ... don't miss this sprawling, ambitious project — Geraldine Worthington. MORE

REVIEW: Short+Sweet Dance Sydney ... plenty of potential but reworking is needed. MORE

REVIEW: Short+Sweet Theatre ... an important festival, cultivating and promoting writers, directors and performers. MORE

REVIEW: Oedipus Schmoedipus ... oddly compelling, and very likely to elicit some strong reactions.. MORE

REVIEW: Short+Sweet Cabaret Sydney ... a fascinating cross-section of emerging talent. MORE

REVIEW: Neighbourhood Watch ... very fine, provocatively disturbing, theatre indeed. MORE

NEWS: Spiegelworld extends Sydney summer season. MORE

REVIEW: The Dreamer Examines His Pillow ... an honest look at what is possible in human encounters. MORE

NEWS: Featuring real soldiers on stage alongside professional actors, The Long Way Home conveys the personal stories of Australian servicemen and women. MORE

NEWS: Triune ... Sam is caught in a tug of war between his youthful and ruthless ambition, and a future that is increasingly desperate to retain what little he has. MORE

REVIEW: Dying For It ... the cast and crew have done a commendable job of bringing this revision of an old play to life — worth a look. MORE

REVIEW: The Comedy of Errors ... a farcical frolic delivered by masters of Shakespearean comedy. MORE

REVIEW: Whoops! ... this was the best Wharf Revue yet. MORE

REVIEW: Ensemble Gombert ... a spectacle for the aural senses. MORE

REVIEW: Small and Tired ... a clever and insightful exploration of the human condition. MORE

NEWS: Vere (Faith) ... explores what happens when a brilliant mind is confronted by an attack from within. MORE

REVIEW: Penelope ... Enda Walsh's cutting critique about the male ego. MORE

REVIEW: Storm Boy ... this is a perfect piece of theatre that you will think about long after you have left the Wharf. MORE

Fireface ... combines individual portraits with gathering tension which drives deep into our perception. MORE

Beached ... works admirably to raise the awareness that we are all constricted in our bodies. MORE

Top Girls ... The play remains surprisingly, maybe even sadly, topical — Geraldine Worthington. MORE